Acoustic Clarity Analysis Tool

The need to incorporate an auditorium to our living bridge brought up the subject of designing according to acoustic rules to create an appropriate space. Therefor we saw that one of the most valuable tools in determining geometry for acoustic spaces was “acoustic clarity”. We therefor developed a tool in grasshopper to calculate the  reflection of  lines comming from a central point on stage and then calculate the whether or not the difference between the relfection rays to any given point is less than 7 m a part from the direct line to the source.clarity_1The next image shows the points the green lines are shooting for which is evenlys distributed points on a surface.




En kommentar

  1. I am tring to make simple reflection tool,..
    but it is hard to find how to reflect again using reflected ray. it is hard to find how to use reflected ray only.

    May I have source code or example of continuous reflection ?

    Thank you,

    Son, SK.

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