Sandwich Skin Construction

We want the skin of the bridge spaces to be smooth, and we want to be able to control transparence freely. The skin also has to be lightweigt and to have insulating properties.

The solution is a sandwich shell consisting of a dense foam core with cut holes for light and two transparent polyarbonate plates. The foam cores are fixed bysteel trusses running horizontally perpendicular to, and fixed to, the large steel ribs. This allows us to have a skin, that can be perforatet almost freely without the “cold bridges” that would otherwise occur, and at the same time perform okay as insulation for an outdoor stage. The steel ribs will either show on the inside or the outside of the shell. At the moment we want them to be on the outside.



En kommentar

  1. Beautiful idea, ..but what’s the process for controlling polycarbonate degradation UV degradation ?

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