Vertebralis + Updated = Boomerang

We have been taking the vertebralis structure into more consideration linking it to the now almost final design of the cable structure. The design is still being optimized through FEM but after finding a close to optimal structural solution of vertebralis structure we go back to the drawing board to find a design solution with this structural knowledge in mind.

The design fell upon a boomerang design, as inspiration. This gives us overall structural strength, because all parts are connected to all other parts in pressure from the cables in a triangle. All the pressure points from the cables are pointed towards the center point of the section, which is placed as high as possible to get the most advantage of the cables underneath the bridge.
The expression of the design is smooth and simple, it resembles a bone structure when we cut smooth holes to minimize the overall weight.


In the total bridge design, we will encounter 8 symmetrical bridgesections, through these sections we will seek to have every boomerang design optimized in FEM severaltimes over to achieve minimum weight and maximum stregnth and expression. This is shown in the following pictures.



The final images shows the final design of one section, is still has some tension and pressure problems around the bottom of the upper arms. This is to us acceptable and could be dealt with in various ways without altering the design further. The thickness could be increased on the entire structure. The thickness could be increased only in the areas with extreme problems, this could be done by using the image from FEM and apply weight directly into the model, by having grasshopper read the image and offset the surface at the extreme areas. The flange of could also be increased at the extreme areas to provide an acceptable solution.


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