Scheme of the bridge

The architectural demand for the bridge is that the bridge should be experienced as a complex system of flows. The pedestrian or bicyclist crossing the bridge will get experiences from crossing over or under another path of the bridge, from the choises of paths at the crossroads and from the structural meetings of bridge parts, that is where two paths meet and their cables form new spaces. All of these things should therefor be possible in the final solution.

The scheme of the bridge should also privide the possibility to have open ond closed spaces at intersections and there should be the possibility to choose what rooms to go to from every starting point.

From a structural/architectural point of view the scheme should be as simple as possible to make the structure elegant and clear. The vertical supports of paths near each other should be placed closed to each other, so they can share a pillar.

To make sure that there is allways symmetry when two paths meet, all paths shoud be made from circular arches. This will also facilitate easyer construction of the spacing system between the ribs.

Red circles are where rooms can be made, black circles indicate points of virtical support.

The solution to the left is an interesting form from a purely architectural point of view. The form in the middle is more clear from a structural point of view. The chosen solution is at the right incorporating qualities from both the previous. Red circles are where rooms can be made, black circles indicate points of virtical support. In the last picture two of the red circles indicates that one path crosses another.


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