Investigation of a cable structure

plasticrc3b8rThe goal for this structure is to investigate a construction, were every part of the structural system is in tension.  The two components of the model is string and a reinforced rubber pipe. The string only takes tension; the rubber pipe can also resist a bending force. The apparent rule of assembly is that the string should only be applied between two pipes when their curvatures are opposite and the pipes are closest to each other between the ends of sections with equal sign. 

What is then missing is an element in compression to keep the pipes apart in sections where the opposite curvatures are needed to bend the pipe back to a state, where the curvature changes sign and again can be connected to another line by tension wires. This pressure device is illustrated by the can, and could, in the final bridge design, be a space, that will then be needed for structural purposes as well.

Another detail concerning the model is that the pipe allows infilling thin steel rods to adjust the minimum curvature. This is important to generate and manipulate the appearance of the overall design by adding or reducing stiffness.

The implication of the terms of the model in a bridge design would be a cable structure sustained by tension wires or rods and lager compressive elements that could at the same time form the pylons and stabilize the overall structure.  To be stable in space, though, each pipe should be fixed in more than two directions, unless the structural system is a hanging bridge.


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